“We work together in mentorships until there is something stronger formed in every PERSON.”



“They will be your FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR.
They help you start being who are supposed to be and get doing what you are supposed to do… so you can fly!”

Your Mentor Helps You
Discover Your Design

Your situation:
Need something to change. It’s time to shake things up from the inside out.

Your Mentor will seek solutions to the problems facing you each day. They will work with you to form in you ways of strength, honor, authority, and incorruptible character.

Your Mentor Helps You
Find Convergence

Your situation:
You desire to be a part of something bigger, to become something you were born to be.

Collaborate with your mentor to find your career convergence where your gifts, talents, and acquired skills combine with a role that empowers you to do what you were designed to do.

Your Mentor Helps You
Connect with People

Your situation:
You are doing things alone. You want others to join you in your vision, to make it bigger, to make it happen.

Your Mentor will find those GOOD PEOPLE to add to your life. Discover peer leaders, collaborators, and friends.

Your Mentor Helps You
Help Someone else

Your situation:
Got a smile to share? Got skills, insights, or new perspectives? Turn those things into action.

Find a mentor that knows someone who needs help on a project. Help make someone else’s dream come true.

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    RLabs is a social enterprise that has impacted more than 7.5 million individuals globally in 22 countries reconstructing communities through training, innovation and entrepreneurship.

    A locally-minded organization committed to spearheading change in communities through restoring legal identities and making lives better everyday.

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